The Lost Gypsy

Blair's rules are designed to make your experience at The Lost Gypsy a great one

The automata and curios you will find at The Lost Gypsy Curios and Coffee are delicate and need to be handled with great care. While we welcome families, we do ask that you and your children bear these important rules in mind before exploring.


Gallery Bus rules

The Gallery Bus is a fun experience for families, but please make sure your children are supervised at all times. Otherwise Blair will be forced to ban them for the rest of eternity, and that's not fun is it!

Theatre rules

The Winding Thoughts Theatre is rated R13. Sorry, no kids - the theatre is for adults and young adults only. But! There are plenty of outdoor sculptures and games near the bus for kids to enjoy.  

Rules of engagement

Set aside your roadmap, turn off the GPS and park up at The Lost Gypsy Curios and Coffee for an hour or two of cheap and cheerful thrills. Wind handles, push buttons, learn about off-grid living and have fun.